Since we're going to be friends real soon here's a little bit about us.

I (Liv here!) have been doing this photography thing for almost a decade now, and since we met in highschool Brandon has been right alongside me learning. He was always my biggest supporter and picked up quite a few things over the years with me! Over the years I started throwing my camera his way more and more so we finally decided he needed a permanent spot here! 2022 we sealed the deal and dove headfirst into solely running this together! 

We clearly love a good outdoor adventure and I just thrive best in nature which is why 99.9% of any thing you see here is going to be somewhere with a view! Arkansas is home, but our hearts belong to so many other places, you'll catch us at the beach yearly!

We're Brandon and Liv, the storytellers behind the cameras!

We are SO glad you're here!

Travel is a lifestyle for us and we are pretty dang good at road tripping on a whim and making trips happen on a budget. Just ask me about the time we went on vacation with $400 to spare and spent 10 days exploring Arizona...
.. money won't stop us from going where the scenery is. 

Which means if you're not local to us we will never turn down an adventure if we are available! 

Our biggest passion is storytelling through photos and we believe the moments in the midst of the chaos are the most valuable! We have a wild crew of little boys so if anyone knows what it's like to capture a fleeting moment it's us!

let's be friends!

There are so many moments in life that pass by so quickly you just wish you could bottle them up and save them for later! That newborn squish. The moment you and your partner lock eyes for the first time on your wedding day. The list goes on and on of little blips of time in our lives that are actually monumental in our stories. Your new found confidence in yourself. That senior year hobby that may turn into a lifelong career. 

We're firm believers that no life change is too small to celebrate or document! We want to help you see the beauty in all the chapters of your life, and to be able to feel the love more every time you take a peek back at your photos. 

life is so fleeting, and all the moments no matter how big or small are part of your story!

Our Why