Go ahead and feel free to call me Liv, cause we're friends now! I rarely answer to Olivia any way LOL  Growing up in a house where nicknames never ran dry, full names were only used if someone was in trouble! 

I've been doing this photography thing for almost a decade now, and the past few years fell in love with doing things a little different, so you'll rarely catch me jonesing for an indoor session no matter what the weather is like! (I do still love a cozy in home couples sesh though! don't get me wrong)

I just thrive best in nature which is why 99.9% of any thing you see here is going to be somewhere with a view! Arkansas is home, but my heart belongs to so many other places, in fact we're even building a tiny home on wheels for this very reason.

I'm Olivia, the girl behind the camera

I'm so glad you're here!

Travel is a lifestyle for us and I'm pretty dang good at road tripping on a whim and getting places despite our budget. Just ask me about the time we went on vacation with $400 to spare and spent 10 days exploring Arizona...
.. money won't stop this girl from going where the scenery is.

Which if you haven't noticed yet, this career of mine is just a huge perk to doing what I love doing all the time...taking pretty pictures in pretty places. So if you're wanting to join me doing what I love most, click that let's be friends button and let's get to know each other better! 
I can promise you there will be lots of coffee, laughter and good food along the way...oh and of course EPIC photos!

let's be friends!



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Despite popular belief we think making your wedding day about YOU (not the party, or what your mom thinks you want or what every generation before you did) is the first step in creating the life you want together! Sounds cliche but hear me out... 
My husband and I eloped the normal run away to the courthouse on a Friday kind of way which taught us alot over the years, but the biggest lesson has been that our marriage has been about US and what we wanted from the moment we said our vows. For our five year anniversary we celebrated by planning our own mountain top vow renewal and we haven't regretted any of it! I want all of my clients to know that doing it someone else's way isn't a requirement for marriage, doing it YOUR way is going to be the best decision you can make for your day. We are here to help you make that happen, every step and detail along the way!

marriage is about making a life together and that starts from day one so make it count!

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